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This page contains all current information on the status of this scheduled maintenance.


2020-01-06 16:00:00 PST


2020-01-07 15:59:59 PST


Major Outage

Current Status


Impact Analysis

What is required for this change in version? The base requirement is simply changing the endpoint from “v1” to “v2”. Another requirement to call out involves pagination. If you are using “total_items” in version 1, this will no longer be sent in the response. Our recommendation for pagination is to use offsets and limits in the query, but we have also added “hasNextPage” and “nextPageUrl” to aid in pagination sequencing and termination. All other changes involve additional attributes in the reservation and guest payloads. Version 2 will support full historical reservation data.

Will version 1 continue to work in any capacity after the decommission date? Version 1 will no longer work after 7 Jan 2020.

Will my same API credentials continue to work or are there any needed permissions required? As a partner, there is nothing required from you. Your existing API credentials currently work with v1 and v2, but will no longer work for v1 after the decommission date.



On 7 Jan 2020, we will decommission version 1 of the GuestCenter Sync API collection. To continue using the Sync API collection, you must migrate to the new version (v2) by this date. The new version (v2) is live in our production environment for your use and development.

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